Types of Grading

  1. Accuracy grading (set where if a student answers a practice problem/question incorrectly they have to watch the video over 80% of the way through)

    1. Students can get credit for the problem by watching 80% of the video (some students don't know this)

    2. If they choose to do video lessons for both, students have to watch the video lessons AND also have to do the homework assignments in order to get credit (watch 80% of the video)

    3. In video lessons there are concept, practice, and example problems/videos, and students have to watch all of these

  2. Completion grading

    1. For assignments even if the student answers the practice problem correctly they still have to watch the explanation video in order to get credit

    2. If they have assignments and regardless of getting the answer right or wrong, they still have to answer

    3. Perfect for low level of stress for the students, and want to make sure that the students who are getting the answer correctly are actually learning

  3. True Grading

    1. Coming in Spring 2022

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