Important things to note:

  1. Once you receive the class code email, login, and student registration instructions (syllabus insert, student registration onboarding document attached), log in to your dashboard at and check to make sure chapter video lessons and assignments are correct (do not go to

  2. Find Assignments that are past due

    1. Click on show past due data button in the upper right hand corner

    2. Go to assignment number, look at how many problems there are (Ex 20)

    3. Click on the "Show Past Due Date" button. If that number changes (Ex 20 changes to 21), then that means the student has 1 assignment that he has completed late

  3. Make sure to ensure all video lessons and/or assignments are published (means visible to student and ready for use/to be completed) and due dates are created.

  4. Follow and keep up to date with student progress and grades

  5. You will be contacted throughout the semester to monitor student registration, health of section, professor/student surveys, renewal, etc

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